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Posted By:Ludwig

Old Comments:

2010-08-06 08:59:39
How dare you attack me in this manner? - Didn’t take you long to join the inhabitants of the nether world and start bashing me, ardycejean. You don’t know what FAIR means! I am NOT responsible for downvoting this pic!
2010-08-05 23:14:23
Or do you think just maybe it might be because this pic has already been posted online over 20 times and most users have seen it? Of course, 20 times isn't as bad as Ludwig's Great Wall of China pic. That photo has been posted over 600 times, or his Louisville Trees pic that's been posted over 300 times, or his Kalalau Valley pic which has appeared online almost 70 times. In fact, a fairly high percentage of Ludwig's pics are tired old wallpaper shots. The thing is, if you're going to make snarky, catty, snide and disparaging comments about the photos of other users, you need to have your own house in order, so to speak, and not piss and whine when your own trite photos get downvoted. BTW...are you Ludwig, or just one of his boyfriends ?
2010-08-05 19:17:30
This is a great photo! It is hard to understand why it might be getting voted down. My guess that it is not because of the photo but because of the comments made as Ludwig on a Poppy post. Poppy certainly doesn't play fair!