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Posted By:Mary79

Old Comments:

2009-10-10 09:54:19
Atlantic breakers along the eastern shore of Kentucky?? You've been drinking some moonshine gone bad?
2009-10-10 08:51:46
LOL, Patito. This picture was taken at Kingdom Come State Park, Kentucky. Sorry, I should've put the complete title of that with the posting of the photo.
2009-10-10 08:42:15
Thanks, Connie. Yes, it's really stunning how that fog travels over the trees like that, isn't it ? I wonder how long it takes for it all to clear away ? It would be really lovely to watch that happen... :)
2009-10-10 08:40:26
Many thanks, jujuba. I love your photos alot too... :)
2009-10-10 07:07:09
My laugh of the day, thanks, Patito! ;-)
2009-10-10 06:53:52
That looks like Cape Boone in the distance...a beautiful part of the state,where the mighty Atlantic breakers roll against the famed rock-bound Eastern Shore of Kentucky.
2009-10-10 05:24:57
I like the way the fog goes towards the trees - perhaps swallowing them up.
2009-10-10 01:48:37
Great picture Mary :)