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Old Comments:

2011-07-29 03:24:39
'No inventions please' is totally ignorant of the fact that most photographers post their photos in more than one site, as is also the case with Markova. In the above site, this photo is titled exactly as sms stated. It's the 4th photo on that page. On some sites, Markova is also known to use the nick _Tais_, see e.g. . What we don't need here are know-it-alls who actually don't know much. Note to sms: Most, if not all, of Markova’s photos have already been posted here, so perhaps it might be wiser to leave her photos alone. :)
2011-07-28 01:01:43
dont make up titles. Markova shows 'untitled' and added location as 'autumn at Chairi Lake