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Posted By:kev

Old Comments:

2009-08-09 19:04:03
You said it: We're here for the enjoyment of good pics, but a few terrorists are spoiling everything for all of us - not just for me although I am the current main target of the MegaCheaterDownvoter(s) - for all of us. - Don't be bewildered, Kev, the votes are not the main indicator of how good your pics are, believe in your own taste and keep posting! Sad, though, that a few nasty people can cause so much havoc in an otherwise peaceful community, but their reign will end, in time...
2009-08-09 16:16:57
i am at a loss poppy as to know what goes on with the voting on here,at first i was only confused,but now i'm totaly bewildered as to what constitutes a good to you getting-100 there has to be some skullduggery going on there,as fas as i'm concerened your pics are superb.keep em coming and let some of us enjoy the pics in the spirit of what the site is meant to be about
2009-08-09 07:35:05
What is wrong with the voting on Pixdaus these days? This is an excellent picture, yet it's not on the top page. I love this pic, Kev. - Which might not be a compliment since I cannot choose good pics, judging by -100 votes on some of mine. ;-)