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Old Comments:

2011-06-26 01:32:27
You are most welcome, Kirogi. And I agree 100% wtih you that it would be lovely to take a walk there... :)
2011-06-25 21:37:40
Thank you PictureGirl! It´d be lovely to go for a walk in that area.
2011-06-25 14:03:14
And yes, Nifty. I am well, thankyou for asking. I hope you are well also and having a great weekend... :)
2011-06-25 14:02:03
Many thanks, Nifty. I appreciate your kindness.... :)
2011-06-25 14:00:19
Many thanks, Kirogi. The photographer says on his page that this road is a road somewhere in-between Ambleside & Windemere in England... :)
2011-06-25 10:40:34
Hi PictureGirl Like this group of pictures particularly this one and the one of Strasbourg. Hope you are well and keep the beautiful pics coming.
2011-06-25 07:49:14
Nice road! I wonder where it is.