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Old Comments:

2009-10-17 05:42:49
It would not be the first time that you naughty Americans tried to invade us; as before we will repel you cause we got some big guns and are willing to have a shoot out. Our border guards were never armed before; they used to look at your guards' big guns for a great many years with envy and fear. They convinced their union to fight Ottawa to get those big mean toys also. They got them - they look even bigger than yours. They look so silly wearing them, but they will repel you. We also now have, like you, big sniffing dogs. They are much cuter than yours. Skip would love them.
2009-10-16 21:39:09
True..but then almost all of North America, including Canada, was taken by treachery or force of arms fromthe original the case of Texas, theSpanish took it away from the Indians, the Mexicans took it away from the Sapnish, we took it away from the Mexicans, and now the Mexicans are taking it back...what goes around comes around, huh ? As for those drones and choppers patrolling up north, we just want to make sure that terrorists don't interfere with or threaten the supply of that Bud.
2009-10-16 16:51:07
Senor Patito, you forgot to say the the US expansionists took Texas away from Some bit of trivia - the US and Canada border is the longest border in the world. Until very recently, the longest undefended border, but now dem Americans have their drones and helicopters hovering around the border. Planning on expanding are ye? Or just concerned about our BC Bud?
2009-10-16 12:22:19
Ahhh, that explains it then. Thankyou for that, patito. I never knew that Texas had that kind of history with Spain, but I do now... :)
2009-10-16 10:43:57
The reason there are so many things and places with Spanish names here is that Texas used to part of Mexico...Spaniards began showing up in what would become Texas in the1500's, and began settling down in the late 1600's and early 1700's..we still share over a thousand miles of border with Mexico....that border is fairly permeable and the influence of Latin culture not only remains quite strong here, it's growing...Hispanics will be the largest ethnic group in Texas by the middle of this century....
2009-10-16 08:29:47
Sounds like you are quite a far distance away from the Bianco, patito. I have since looked at other pictures of the area and as you say, it is really a very beautiful place. Why is there a link to the Spanish names ? Sorry, but I'm not familiar much with the history of Texas. Thanks for giving us the info too about the different rivers, patito. Very interesting.. :)
2009-10-16 08:20:22
Thankyou so much, fuzzy blue one. I thought this picture was very special when I first laid eyes on it. What a very relaxing place it looks to be...:)
2009-10-15 23:40:47
The Blanco flows out of the eastern edge of the Hill Country of Central Texas....I live on the Gulf Coast, and could probably be standing beside the Blanco in five or six hours if I drove fast, didn't stop very often, and didn't get stuck in traffic going through Houston... it really is as beautiful as the photo, maybe more so..Hill Country rivers like the Blanco, Frio, Sabinal, San Saba, and Comal tend to be small, shallow and clear, compared to the much larger and muddier rivers to the east like the Brazos, the Colorado and the Trinity.....Note: nearly all the Texas rivers have Spanish names, as do other geographic features such as mountains,bays and islands, as well as the oldest cities and towns...
2009-10-15 22:25:49
You are finding some amazing scenery Mary! Another one saved!
2009-10-15 15:19:57
Many thanks, jujuba. I agree 100% with your sentiments about this picture. I have since found out that this peaceful place is situated in Blanco River, Wimberley, TX. Anywhere near you, Patito ?
2009-10-15 15:09:16
So peaceful...lovely, Mary! :)