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Old Comments:

2011-10-01 06:10:59
Thanks Let It Be, but I don't wish to post anymore, not even using other names. Anyways, Pixdaus or their Monitor prevents me from posting using the name 'Connie'. This is not about a feud or personalities. There is something evil running like a thread through this site. 'It' deletes comments/photos with impunity; others write comments for the express purpose of trying to ridicule, hurt or demean another human being. I and others have tried from time to time to post photos and comments to bring some laughter and gaiety, but it doesn't last.
2011-10-01 05:24:20
The majority of people on Pixdaus are fair, honest and nice. I am glad to have known you, in a cyberspace way, even for a while. Unfortunately, there are too many that are nasty and downright evil. Some of them (or one), who thinking they are righteous or God, make photos and comments ‘disappear’ at will. About 1 ½ years ago, Cohise would often make remarks about the size of my breasts etc, and would insinuate he knew who I was. As he had said he was a drunk, I saw that as the ramblings of a drunk; so, I was not concerned. But, his comments gave me the creeps, and they would leave me with a feeling of needing a shower. I was very sorry he had returned. After an absence, he starts off as odd but fairly nice, then his style slowly changes and you see the ugly side of the man. But, that’s not the sole reason for my leaving. In the comment section of the photo of a big pink bunny (now deleted), there were a few poems written about me yesterday. Two were not good, but not offensive; the rest were vulgar and disgusting and intended to demean. I said they were written by twisted filthy minds. .After I read those comments, I again had that sense of wanting to take a shower. I wrote that there are thoughts in life that we should all remember …… the less a person is mature the less a person is educated the less a person is intelligent the less a person is exposed to different cultures, thoughts, ideas (through travel, books) the more a person is vulgar and crude the more a person is insensitive the more a person is narrow-minded and inflexible the more a person is racist I have a sense of humour, I love jokes, but not racist, sexist or porn, and I love poking fun at myself. There is not that much wrong with getting angry and telling someone off, and even using swear words. It’s because it is not personal and deliberately trying to harm or hurt. But, there was no humour or joke in most of those poems. They were deliberately written to be offensive and disgusting. I don’t for one moment believe you, Patito, the one who wrote any of those poems, but I’m surprised that you seemed to agree with the comments with your response “can’t you take a joke?” I suspect you were trying to lighten things up to make me feel better because I said I was leaving the site. What I do not accept in my personal life and will not accept on Pixdaus, is anyone who deliberately tries, by word or action, to demean or hurt another human being. Maya Angelou, a wise and wonderful woman, sums it up well. People will forget what you said People will forget what you did But people will never forget How you made them feel.
2011-10-01 05:22:57
I posted this one first with a comment - it disappeared within seconds of posting. So, I posted the one of Trout Lake, Vancouver (path and fence), which I had already posted about a year ago, it disappeared within seconds. I went back and forth using different names...they all kept disappearing. So, I posted this one without the commenting and it stayed.
2011-10-01 03:33:50
Couldn't agree more, Let It Be. On the other hand Connie, where did your other picture of the path and fence go to ? Why was it removed ?
2011-10-01 03:29:32
This is a nice pic, Connie. Why not just post some more and let it be. You have a good eye and some of us would like to see you stay. Forget the feud and personaities and all that and think about photographs. That's what this place is supposed to be about.