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Old Comments:

2008-11-20 05:16:37
is not being being uzbekistan
2008-11-20 01:20:52
The photographers can have their pics mixed up also; I've seen some real lulus. ;-) Anyway, I have greatly enjoyed (and continue to do so) your pictures, especially all the historical ones, and the pics of the First People in particular. You seem to have a neverending supply of them - must take lots of time to hunt them down. Thanks for all the interesting viewing, Starboardside!
2008-11-20 00:15:41
Poppy, all I can tell you is what the photographer said it was. ;)
2008-11-19 22:48:15
Starboadside: I'd like to challenge you on the location of this picture. This looks more like England to me (but could also be numerous other places in similar climates). The trees and shubs are such that I doubt that they could be growing on a limestone terrace on the NW slope of a mountainside in Bursa, Turkey. ;-)