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Old Comments:

2008-12-11 21:19:22
Ok, lilly did not write that!! here we go again with the trolls!! although I must admit it was funny, it started my day with a laugh, and I should stop being myself on here anyway I just get in more trouble. but I was annoyed with someone using my name and I thought they were downvoting me too. you really cant take nothing serious here, and you have to click on everyone's names to be sure it's them I guess wer'e having fun.
2008-12-11 20:15:40
I don't want to be like you! And you are not better than anyone else!!! You are so arrogant...
2008-12-11 16:12:43
This picture has been voted down twice in the last little while both times by two votes so I assume it is other people who post who are voting it down. I should not have commented on it, because I know it could be anyone who enjoys bugging someone that is voting it down. God I get sick of this place sometimes!! anyway it never means the photographer is not good, because where I got this picture it had hundreds of compliments. I guess on other websites they try to act like adults.
2008-12-11 15:20:06
listen, whoever it is, on Farhads pic's You can keep voting my pic's down all you want and keep using my name for false compliments too, because I think alot of my pic's will get votes on their own, and if they don't I wont post fifty more pic's hoping to hit on one.