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Old Comments:

2011-06-02 06:37:14
Many thanks, Gabrielle. It's nice to be posting again. I'll only post every now and again though, not as often as I used to before. I'm sorry about the lack of autumn colour where you are. We still have a few trees with their autumn foliage on them, but they will soon lose their leaves. So sorry that you also have alot of rain. Hope you can get some sunshine soon. Our weather here in Melbourne will soon change and will be very cold. Hope you are having a wonderful day, Gabrielle. Take care... :)
2011-06-02 06:28:11
Very lovely picture, Mary. It is good to see you posting again. Not much autumn colour where I live, but lots and lots of rain!
2011-06-02 06:02:32
Many thanka for that, Nifty. I appreciate your comments very much. That was an added reason to post this particular photo too, not just because it's very pretty, but because it happens to be in Australia, particularly Victoria. I hope you are having a really great day, Nifty. But enjoy the sunshine because soon it's going to really get wintry. Take care.... :)
2011-06-02 05:22:55
Hi Mary Great to see the PictureGirl name again even if you are only going to post a few pictures. I particularly like this photo, but I might be biased because its Australia.