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Old Comments:

2010-08-10 02:20:45
Makes sense to me, I'll buy it. :)
2010-08-09 23:27:45
I didn't think at all.... just added name from original capitation of post and hope everything will be OK. :P :)
2010-08-09 23:23:16
I think Peasant didn't mean that these were aurochs, but rather that were Auroch's, in that they belong to Auroch, meaning Bohimir Auroch, who has a big stock farm a few miles outside Znojmo in the Czech Republic, down south near the border with Slovakia, where he raises European Bison for market. These are four of his big steers getting conditioned in the pasture for sale. European bison, like their American cousins, have meat that is tasty yet comparatively low in colesterol.
2010-08-09 23:09:31
Aurochs? They've been extinct for several centuries now. :) Perhaps you mean European Bison, Bison bonasus, also known as wisent.