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Old Comments:

2012-01-06 11:49:27
peasant - Thank you so much for putting the Croatian title "Proljetna vožnja" into your picture by lupita. I have had a picture of a bird for ages that I have not been able to identify. With the Croatian title I was able to find her website and now I can name my picture.
2010-04-16 13:25:16
LOL, Jujuba. No need to apologize. I was laughing because for a change, I didn't even see the blue flowers in the background. I think I need glasses. No, I don't mind your humour, Jujuba. It's great to have a laugh with someone. Thankyou for that... :)
2010-04-16 13:17:39
I was just kidding PG, really, sometimes my humor sucks, please dont mind :-| Anyways, I didnt realize about grape hyacinths being flowers, and you said you were only focusing on the flowers so I was trying to find some on the photo...I was thinking 'dang, this girl is so crazy about them that maybe shes talking about those blue ones out of focus on the grass in the background? :P Sorry again :-)
2010-04-16 12:49:57
Sorry Jujuba. not quite sure what you mean by that. In the basket on the bike, are grape hyacinths. That's the flowers I meant... :)
2010-04-16 12:47:41
Flowers???? ** goes get her magnifying glass ** :P
2010-04-16 11:49:09
You're observant, Patito. All I saw were the flowers. Shows you what flowers do to me. I see them and see nothing else in the picture. have to get out of that bad habit.. :(
2010-04-16 11:43:57
Ha ha you made me laugh Patito, I got so involved with the atmosphere of the pic that forgot to check for vital details :P
2010-04-16 09:48:57
..maybe to get a new front tire ?
2010-04-16 09:19:16
To pick more grape hyacinths ?
2010-04-16 03:17:21
Very charming photo :-) I wonder where the rider went :P