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Old Comments:

2010-11-25 08:30:39
Many thanks for the info, Happy Jack. That is very interesting. And yes, I was asking that question because of the teeth...
2010-11-25 02:18:10
I doubt it PictureGirl, these are deep ocean (salt water) fish while piranha inhabit shallow freshwater. Beyond that, they are structurally very different. The similarity that you must be looking at are in the teeth? These too are quite different. The teeth on this fish appear to be designed from grasping prey while the teeth on a piranha (shorter and broader) are for tearing prey apart.
2010-11-25 00:07:23
True.. a friend of mine was once attacked by a pack of wild bananas in the Congo and was lucky to have escaped with his life.
2010-11-25 00:03:18
Small, yes..but a banana bite can be quite painful !
2010-11-24 17:18:36
I wonder if they are related to piranha ?
2010-11-24 16:38:31
Sorry, the caption sentence did not fully print. They are about the size of a banana. Also, I failed to credit the photographer who was Dr. Julian Finn of the Victoria Museum.