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Old Comments:

2010-01-19 08:28:14
Thankyou jujuba. I hope that you and skip can find real happiness one day very soon. I know that I get real comfort by reading the Bible. It has a real positive solution and message for the future. And I guess that this is one reason too why I love to visit Pixdaus, because God's beautiful artistic works are here always for us to see and appreciate and marvel at. He is the Master Painter, that's for sure ! Thanks again, jujuba... :)
2010-01-19 00:45:56
You are so right PictureGirl! :-) And you know what? You dont even need to think about extreme situations like Haiti when youre feeling low. Just by knowing that other ordinary people around you (like me and Skip) also struggle with their ups and downs in an everyday basis should be a console for you and a certainty that, you too, can go through all this, one day at a time, just like we do :-)
2010-01-19 00:40:30
My pleasure Skip, Im glad if these pics were able to bring even a shy grin to your face :-)
2010-01-16 10:30:57
Many thanks for your kind words about me, skip. And you are very welcome too. I also have my ups and downs. I was diagnosed with depression 11 years ago. Still have that now and take medication for it. Some days are good, others not so good. But still, when you think about how life is for others, (eg Haiti) mine isn't so bad after all. Yes, it's nice to come to Pixdaus and talk to different people and make friends. And of course, to see the beautiful pictures everyone posts. Thanks again, skip.. :)
2010-01-16 10:11:20
Thanks PictureGirl, you are so thoughtful, I have my up's and downs, but it's nice to come here and find some nice people like you, and jujuba, I think we all need help with our attitudes at times, that's why I loved these pics.
2010-01-16 09:46:23
So sorry to read that you have been feeling down, skip. I hope that you feel cheered up now. Take care..... :)
2010-01-16 08:40:39
Hey jujuba! thanks for remembering! they are all great, and your captions make them even better...I was feeling kinda down, so they were just what I needed attitude adjustment, thanks again :)