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Old Comments:

2011-10-14 03:11:35
Agreed...excellent pics, Stormchaser.
2011-10-14 03:09:09
You posted some excellent pics Stormchaser, I had trouble uploading slow, but you can't tell by me, it's always that way...also when i go away for more then a minute, i have to sign in all over again. ):
2011-10-14 03:08:53
Depends on the time of day. Sometimes Pixdaus works almost like a normal website...but usually it's pace is more glacial if not geological. Takes the patience of a saint or a Buddhist monk to do anything, even vote. But don't despair...the New Platform will be here any day now ! Right after hell freezes over !
2011-10-14 02:58:30
Are others having difficulty posting pictures? VERY SLOW