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Old Comments:

2010-07-24 23:15:13
Thanks... I see this photo every time I do a lionfish image search. I'm sure you understand how frustrating it is to see his hard work catching, photographing, and writing about these fish and not getting credit for his work. His name is Todd Gardner... He doesn't care who uses the photo, he just likes photo credit.
2010-07-24 11:24:08
Ashleigh - I'm sorry about that. I posted this photo well over a year and a half ago. If I knew the photographer's name, I would indicate it...even then....more so now. Since, there is no name, it means I found the photo most likely on a blog. At that time, I did not show that...I do now.
2010-07-24 03:20:08
Connie, You stole this picture from my husband. Please see for the article he published and give him photo credit. Thank you.
2009-01-25 11:54:36
Thanks lilly. As I'm sure you know, there are incredible and unbelievable animals in the sky, on land and in the sea. Thanks to macro photography we can now see the details of even a small fly.
2009-01-25 11:21:59
Very Nice set of photos Connie !