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Old Comments:

2010-08-06 23:59:30
Thankyou Poppy. I'm glad that you could see that in full size and can use it as a desktop. Unfortunately, I am unable to see this photo in full size, but what I can see of it is beautiful enough. Enjoy the photo, Poppy... :)
2010-08-06 23:56:30
This is magnificent in full-size! I just saved it in my files to be used as a desktop…
2010-08-06 23:40:29
Many thanks, Coy. I love the plant that the frog is on. It is called Sedum 'Autumn Joy'. And the frog is a little cutie as well.... :)
2010-08-06 23:36:28
What a contrast. Wonderful Pic.
2010-08-06 17:14:56
Many thanks, Connie. I like the photos you are posting very much too... ;)
2010-08-06 17:06:28
Very nice!
2010-08-06 16:57:03
Many thanks for that, Happy Jack. Very nice of you to say so. Very glad you like it so much. :)
2010-08-06 16:28:49
An extremely nice picture, PictureGirl. One of your best!
2010-08-06 16:17:42