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Old Comments:

2009-12-09 02:57:57
This creep got me by surprise. Next time I'm gonna ask for e-mail to send 'my private collection' and make a report to the police!
2009-12-09 02:54:58
..there's no doubt in my mind that sometimes people do things for which they probably deserve to forfeit their lives...but justice systems are fallible because they're designed and operated by humans, and humans make mistakes...almost inevitably, if you allow the death penalty you're going to kill some people who don't deserve to die, and who in fact may be entirely innocent...we know it happens here in the fact, we're the only major nation on earth that still allows the death penalty except for China...Russia has it on the books but they haven't carried out an execution in almost ten years....I understand your revulsion at the kind of thing DG's comment suggests...but capital punishment is a slippery slope...
2009-12-09 02:31:46
I'm sorry patito but I can't find any excuse for those people, and I don't want to understand them. Death penalty . That is my opinion.
2009-12-09 02:23:07
...horror begets horror...DG was probably locked in a closet and beaten or molested by her step-father, or some variation on that....the preponderance of seriously disturbed people had nightmare childhoods....that doesn't mean they're any less creepy..or even dangerous.. but it can help us understand them and maybe keep us from hating them...
2009-12-09 02:14:07
The horror! DG just ruin my day... I hate these dirty animals!!
2009-12-09 02:08:45
...and the answer to your last question, El Peon, is probably both...
2009-12-09 02:07:10
DG's future and past comments should always be considered in the light of this comment...
2009-12-09 01:59:35
? WTF do you mean by that? It's a child! What are you, stupid or sick? =;(
2009-12-09 01:50:17
Got any photos of her naked?