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Old Comments:

2010-10-21 08:07:45
I concur, Skip... :)
2010-10-21 04:22:01
Yes PictureGirl,it is the covered bridge that is not being replaced.The bridges are being replaced when they need to be, But they are not being sheltered. to much money to re-cover them...
2010-10-11 08:47:08
So if that is the case Coy, how are people supposed to get to the other side ? When you say they are not being maintained, is that the old style type bridge you are referring to such as what is featured in the photo, or are they putting some other style bridge there ?
2010-10-11 06:20:29
I'm sorry to hear that Coy, because they are so picturesque looking, and I think part of what makes southern Indiana a special place, hopefully they will realize that before they're all gone.
2010-10-11 05:45:34
Thank you so very much skip. I have always had a great liking for old covered bridges. We have many of them here in southern Indiana, however; many of them are not being maintained so they are leaving us year by year...
2010-10-11 05:17:26
I love these covered bridges you've been posting Coy, the golden leaves in the background, really make this pic stand out...and by the way, that rainforest pic is beautiful too!