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Old Comments:

2011-09-14 05:10:40
Interesting, patito was good name, derived from the mispronunciation, by Hitler's storm troopers, of the hun 'pasheetoo' meaning 'asshole from Texas'. The letters 'ee' and 'i' are very similar to the hun usage and are almost interchangeable.
2011-09-14 02:20:53
Buckaroo is a good name. Derived from the mispronunciation by Texas cowboys of the Spanish 'vaquero' which means 'cowboy.' The letters 'v' and 'b' are very similar in Spanish and sometimes almost interchangeable. The whole cowboy thing, the equipment, techniques and cattle themselves all came into Texas from Mexico.
2011-09-14 01:31:12
It doesn't matter who posted it. Yes it is a repost, and Las Cruces could have done a search under 'Route 66, but the redeeming factor is this one is much sharper than the original post ;-) A while back, I did a theme on 'Route 66', and I would have loved to have found this photo for my theme. As for using other names to post a photo, what harm does it do anyone? Pixdaus no longer allows me to post photos using the name Connie, so I will post some using another name. But, I will let you folks know what name I decided tol use....just so as to not upset you ;-)
2011-09-14 01:12:38
Well buckaroo, connie or connie A; no matter what you want to call yourself (and that is not the problem), the fact is that this photo SHOULD be voted DOWN. (1) It is NOT a good photo, (2) it is NOT a nature photo, (3) it IS a repost, and (4) Las Cruces is none other than your old Texas pal best known as patito.
2011-09-13 23:54:47
Hi again Las Cruces Sorry for the mix-up, but the above comment, using the name buckaroo, was posted by me, but not because I could not use the name Connie. I posted another comment elsewhere where I could not use Connie. For this one, I used the name buckaroo because whenever I compliment someone on a posting, the photo automatically gets downvoted...out of spite. That's why I avoid using Connie when I post a compliment. I just tried to post this comment and could not. So, I'm using Connie A
2011-09-13 23:45:41
Hi Las Cruces I'm Connie, and I posted the comment under 'buckaroo'. I could not use my own username when I tried earlier. Hope this time it works.
2011-09-13 19:34:11
Muchas gracias, Vaquero. Mi alegro de que te guste.
2011-09-13 19:08:30
this pic was posted before, but this one is a much better version of the same pic