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Posted By:Gabrielle

Old Comments:

2010-03-01 13:51:38
A very handsome cat FBO, maybe you have slightly different classifications in the US and Canada. Here in Australia Tortoisehell usually means: black, orange and white, but also black/orange or grey/orange. The same applies to Rabbits and Guinea Pigs with this colouration.
2010-03-01 09:06:08
I think the cat in the picture is also a Tortoiseshell. There are different types of Tortoiseshell cats. I had a cat named Bonnie that was a grey Tortie. She had white on her chest and feet, but her main colour was grey. She also had a couple of shades of brown colours on her too. Thanks for the link to the picture, FBO. That cat is beautiful too.. :)
2010-03-01 01:16:08
I looked it up and you are right - apparently they are the same but I had always thought tortoiseshell cats didn't have any white on them - more like this--
2010-02-28 05:31:39
Aren't they the one and the same ? We don't call them calico here in Australia....
2010-02-28 03:36:04
I would call this more of a Calico than a Tortie -
2010-02-27 17:29:29
Nice photo of your little furry one Gabrielle ;-)
2010-02-27 15:49:25
Yes, Tortoiseshell cats ARE gorgeous ! I had a grey tortoiseshell cat named Bonnie. She only lived till she was 11 years of age as she had cancer in her liver and bowel. She got very sick. I had to have her put down and to this very day, I miss her greatly and hate the ending she had. Life can be so awful sometimes. Wow, your cat doesn't look anything like 14 years of age. I've never heard of that show you mentioned. When was that made ? Do you know ? I have another Tortoiseshell cat now and a black and white cat (more white than black). The tortoiseshell cat (Tortie) has more white on her than the other colours. The black and white cat I have is named Poppy. I've had them for 10 years now. They are my great friends. Thanks again, Gabrielle... :)
2010-02-27 15:37:29
Aren't tortoiseshell cats gorgeous! I'm glad you like Arrietty. She is now 14yrs old. She was very daring as a kitten and is named for adventurous little Arrietty in "The Borrowers" (BBC version)
2010-02-27 15:10:49
A very beautiful cat you have, Gabrielle. She reminds me alot of one of my cats I used to have. Her name was Cuddles and she had the same markings as your cat does. She lived until she was 18 years of age. Thankyou for sharing some pics of your beautiful cat with us... :)