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Old Comments:

2010-03-29 17:15:15
Did it ever occur to any of you that people simply neg the comments that are not relevant to them? A photographer may only +vote on comments related to technical aspects of photography and -vote on everything else that doesn't add to the quality of the thread. While a philosopher might +vote on many comments and -vote very little if at all. I think that anyone who would put forth the effort to influence ratings on a particular photo, comment, or contributor is probably a little too obsessed with that photo, comment, or contributor.
2010-03-29 16:53:38
Look! It's Juan Valdez! I am shocked that this entire comment thread thus far is concerned with ratings, and the ethics of raters rather than commentary on the photograph for which this thread exists. All the bitching really took away from this opportunity to view a really great portrait. @jujuba Thank you for making the comments worth reading through all the bs.
2009-11-13 01:59:05
And before anyone calls me an `S` kisser, I´m not here to defend anyone, I believe everyone should be mature enough to stand up for themselves. I just took this one opportunity to talk on behalf of myself, since whenever I post anything cultural or even architectural, it gets downvoted too...
2009-11-13 01:51:19
It is so frustrating here sometimes when viewers just seem to prefer landscapes and cutiepie pics of kittens... I try to push different types of material, but they're a really hard sell. I wish people would broaden their horizons a little. - What is happening on this page about this particular pic has not much to do with the pic and everything to do with the troll who insists on trying to post pics with my name. - I did not at first see the above comment of yours, just saw the one below, hence I asked what arriero meant. ;-)
2009-11-13 01:41:47
Muleteer. Right.
2009-11-13 01:40:19
What does arriero mean?
2009-11-13 01:37:21
Someone once said: "We are all arrieros, and one day, we´ll meet along the way" ;-)
2009-11-13 01:36:25
If all users took just a little time to do some research behind the real meaning of the pictures, and not just look at the image (like this one would be just a b&w portrait of an ugly man and his mule), most photos would have their worthiness. But no, many are only interested in images, not culture or general knowledge, hence the minds and attitude of some people in here. Btw, an arriero was a person in charge of transporting many kinds of products like coffee, wheat and others from the XVIII to the XX century mainly in Mexico. But also in Colombia, where they have this famous yearly festival called "La Mulada", where many people gather their mules and walk up to the city of Medelín, where they carry on their traditions and rememberances.
2009-11-12 22:39:27
Well hello Please: you're behind all the troll names, then? Indeed, poppy is different from p0ppy, or any of the ten variations of the poppy name you have thus far used, but since your intention is to troll me rather than be a poster of your own standing, you're trying to steal my name. The world is full of names, why pick mine? I'll tell you why: Because you're on a hate trail. - Under such circumstances, there is NOTHING legal about the names you're trying to use as long as they have the word poppy in them.
2009-11-12 22:13:35
All are free to name. This work is legal (poppy is different with p0ppy!!!)I am surprised This problem is the site. POPPY : you name all of that first and last that poppy choose!!!.
2009-11-12 22:05:25
"Every day I as the vote to see you." - What kind of English is that? - As to the support: Stop attacking me and I won't need it!
2009-11-12 22:01:29
No wonder, it's got holes in it!
2009-11-12 22:00:03
POPPY : Every day I as the vote to see you.The admin of the site support you. This is completely clear.
2009-11-12 21:52:49
My head whistled!
2009-11-12 21:49:46
You just added 3 more negative votes. Well done, troll. You're the big cheater with multiple votes, yet you're always accusing me of this or that. Just run back to Mommy, there's a dear...
2009-11-12 21:46:20
What plus votes are you talking about? Are you blind or don't know the difference between + and - ? The pic currently has -1 votes and no doubt you'll give it a few more, troll. Do your worst, troll.
2009-11-12 21:38:33
Photos of ugly but a vote+++++++(Why)! fraud? do you support?
2009-11-12 21:30:58
forms of the two sides.
2009-11-12 21:11:00
You have named yourself well because you ARE rubbish, and you will be swept out with yesterday's garbage. You are unable to do anything nice here in our community, you just cause mayhem, chaos and ill-feeling. You are not hurting me by calling this photo worthless since I did not take it, but - in addition to being a lowly troll and a huge pest - you know nothing about good photography.
2009-11-12 21:03:00
It's a scene of you don't have the right to call it "worthless". It could not be your way of life, or mine, or i don't know who else..but is someone life..and you have to respect that!... If you have better taste for pic..why don't you show it?
2009-11-12 20:43:03
worthless Photo