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Old Comments:

2009-03-29 21:26:16
2009-03-29 18:54:11
Well yes it concerns the goose-stepping guy in the pic, as you say. But you can take it out of the circumstances. And even if keeping it in the circumstances, there is at the same time something sad as funny in. Itís not because one laugh at something or someone that one have no respect for that person(s) etc. And I will go a step further: even mockery and respect can go together. More Iíll not say now; not everything at the same time. It may arouse a good deal of controversy (and maybe Iíll answer Ö).
2009-03-29 18:09:20
...I am referring to the 'battle' between Patito and A Bouts.
2009-03-29 18:04:11
If there'd be just the goose-stepping guy in the pic, then it could be classed as funny. Given the new recruits and the timeframe and the circumstances, it is far from funny. I agree that some things can be funny and sad at the same time, but this is not one of them.
2009-03-29 18:00:11
The bullits are flying... ;-)
2009-03-29 13:08:26
As I've pointed out on numerous occassions, Abe, I have many friends and family members who are conservatives..none of 'em are evil or full of're the one who regularly posts right-wing propaganda...quit that and we'll get along fine and laugh and joke together..keep it up and I guaran-fuckin'-tee you I will fire both barrels every post all kinds of political crap, knowing it's provocative, knowing it's going to piss people off, then you get your little panties all in a wad when someone responds angrily....I don't know what you people in California do when you get pissed off...maybe you hold hands and in Texas when we get pissed off we cuss, we bust up the furniture, we raise hell and kick asses and sometimes we shoot people...even us liberals ! It's real simple Abe...If you can't take gettin' fussed at and cussed at, stop posting that goddamn rightwing political bullshit !
2009-03-29 12:43:39
80 accountants? Wow..ya'll sure must have had some complicated book keeping.
2009-03-29 12:40:10
What are you retarded? Tell me what I missed out on by not joining in 1985? My mom, who is more of a left wing loon than you, always made me think that joining the military was a type of punishment. And she made sure that we knew why and where the neighbor had gone to. Besides my younger brother had a Lawn Maint. company started and during my senior year we had over 80 accountants. It paid for both our college educations. Why have you been so negative lately? Did your cat die? Did your wife leave you only to return later in the day? And again with the foul language. Couldn't come up with an intelligent word? I know your trying to rile me and see if I'll get angry so you can stand up on your pedestal and shout "Look at the right wing kook flipping out" and then you'll be able to bunch us all up in a nice neat little package and tell your friend[s?]that all conservatives are evil and full of hate just like this crazy guy Abe. But I got too much love in my heart and I still pray for you. It makes me, and others I'm sure, sad to see you so angry.
2009-03-29 10:52:10
That's the lamest fuckin' excuse I ever heard of...You right-wing saber rattlers always seem to have some way of justifying your non-involvement in the military....your guru, Lush Rimjob, had a sore toe or some such shit....Dick "Dick" Cheney, said he had more important things to do so he got a bunch of's interesting that of the Bush White House gang who got us into Iraq, not ONE had ever been in a real war..not ONE !
2009-03-29 10:15:18
You know my Dad asked us all, when we were just getting into high school, if we wanted to join a service. But the neighbor across the street was sentenced by a judge to either go to jail or join the navy. And later we find out that there's a guy on his ship that would take the piss test for everybody else so he and his buddies could use drugs while on board. So the idea of joining up was didn't seem that appealing. I don't know how rare or often that kind of stuff happens but looking back, I sometimes wonder what would have been different in my life if I had. So I guess the moral to this is to keep your kids around positive influences, explain the negatives and how to avoid them.
2009-03-29 08:52:45
Never went through boot camp did you, Abe ?
2009-03-29 06:24:33
You are lucky that Iím just working this day, so I can give you immediately a reply, Connie. You are trying with all force to distort the meaning, the sense of the by me used word funny, but what I have told in the given lines overhead is still in force ! Read it correctly. If you like with all force to change that meaning then itís for your account. But itís evidently that envy is the principal motivation of your action. So if you forcedly, and itís not the first time, will re-open the war, well that can. Donít complain later then, Connie. I have tried to build a bridge but I see itís in vain. Well, then itís ok for me.
2009-03-29 06:20:47
Look at the guys pants. I would be demoted, washing dishes or kicked out cause each time he strutted by I would have snickered.
2009-03-29 05:40:08
just think cohise how funny it would be if you were part of this group . some people have a very disturbed sense of humor .
2009-03-28 23:00:01
Patito, Iím very aware of the situation. But some things can at the same time be sad as be funny. For this, think for example at Jewish humour during world war II while they were in concentration camps ( it seems that it was also one of the ways to survive the horror). This is only one example ! So with funny I mean the way of drilling here. You would think that in those terrible times they have something more important to do than drilling these men (like youngs guy of 18 !!!). And perhaps you can give me a reason for this drill - right or wrong etc.- but thatís another discussion. And so, in spite of the situation, there is something funny in it as well.
2009-03-28 22:03:23
Funny? Those guys look like new recruits...think about what's likely happen to them...not really all that funny.