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2009-01-26 04:52:05
I have a brother and a sister who married Germans. I agree, their craniums are a tad thicker ;-) I will make it my mission to find other colourful chamelons.
2009-01-25 22:55:07
My daughter owns several colorful snakes and a couple of large lizards and I won her over fairly easily after showing her examples of similar specimens on several websites...she just wasn't familiar with the variety of coloration chameleons exhibit..and the sea dragon wasn't a problem..they'd seen some pretty exotic sea horses at an exhibit at our local aquarium a few years ago and knew how strange some of those critters are...but my wife is one of those people who would rather eat dirt than admit being wrong about anything, ever, and I'm afraid she's going to be more difficult to convince...once she's taken a position on an issue neither hell nor high water is going to chnage her mind..she's of Germanic extraction, and as is well known those people's craniums are significantly thicker than those of normal people..
2009-01-25 12:22:38
I forgot to ask you if you showed your wife and daughter the photo I posted of a leafy sea dragon. That's a pretty weird and colorful marine life.
2009-01-25 10:43:57
Your wife and daughter are...hmm…how do I say this delicately...WRONG ;-) Oh ye Thomases of so little faith. I found this photo a while back on sites that don't use photoshop. It didn't say what species they were, but I think they are chameleons. I have come across photos of some incredible animals. I have a whole folder of photos of nudibranches, eels, marine worms, etc.
2009-01-25 02:00:09
I'd very much appreciate knowing where this came from, Ms wife and daughter both are of the opinion that these could not possibly be real...I've seen enough weird and exotic critters to know that almost anything is possible...nudibranches, for example, are so weird that some people, seeing photos of them for the first time, can't believe they actually exist...
2009-01-25 00:31:05
Whats the female?, whats the male?, or both are female or male?...good pics....