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Old Comments:

2008-12-20 20:08:57
Talk to your dog in German, talk to your horse in Italian, talk to your lover in French, talk to your lawyer in English..but talk to God in language for talkin' to the devil? Good question..probably better not to talk to him at all..he's a slick ol' bastard and is likely to pull a fast one on ya'...
2008-12-20 18:22:16
...and in which language does one speak with the Devil? ;-) Probably the one that has the vilest-sounding swearwords?
2008-12-20 13:09:00
At least I gave a translation patito ;-)
2008-12-20 11:19:20
French is beautiful, but remember the old saying..Habla con tu pero in Aleman, habla con tu caballo in Italiano, Habla con tu enamorada in Francais, habla con tu abogado in Inglais, pero habla con El Dio en Espanol..
2008-12-19 12:30:31
Thanks, Connie, I like it! To my mind, the French language is the most beautiful language in the world. Alas, my French is limited to understanding the menu at a French restaurant. Sigh. One day...
2008-12-19 11:00:03
There is a French saying - Il pleut dans mon coeur comme il pleut sur le toit. Roughly translated - It rains in my heart like it rains on the roof. It doesn't sound as nice in English.