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Old Comments:

2010-05-12 17:48:09
I agree with you, Connie. We often like different things, or photos, but that is fine. I am in favour of diversity - it makes life interesting. There is no need whatsoever for the rancour and bitterness that have surfaced here when some people disagreed with each other. Let us be polite and kind to each other - and Pixdaus do away with ALL types of down voting. PS Same wolf/dog, Snowflake, same photographer, one of a sequence, I believe.
2010-05-12 14:20:01
I don't know if it's the same wolf, but this photo looks quite different than the other one, yet the same photographer. Pixdaus should do away with voting on comments. We can exercise our right to disagree by writing a comment...and not get 'attacked' if our opinions are different. We are a huge audience from a big chunk of the world, with different cultures, values and beliefs. So, we can't expect everyone to agree with us. It's alright to disagree, as long as it's in a polite and constructive way.
2010-05-12 12:50:31
It is great to see this Connie, it sure is Snowflake. It shows the chicken scraps and that the reflection in "The Leap" is really there and not photoshopped. The down voting is indeed a puzzle.
2010-05-12 04:11:42
Here's another one of Jim Brandenburg's photos - thought you folks might like to see. It doesn't look photoshopped, but who knows. In Canadaís northernmost reaches, an arctic wolf gingerly tests the water near Ellesmere Island. As polar exploration heated up in the early 20th century, first with Robert Pearyís North Pole expedition and then with Ronald Amundsenís South Pole trek, audiences demanded photographs of the new lands and their creatures. NGS