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Old Comments:

2010-10-02 22:09:41
Yes, according to the link I provided, there are around 60 to 70 different species of Aquilegia...
2010-10-02 14:07:58
I didn't realize that they are columbines. They are not like the ones I've seen - so these one are a different variety of columbines.
2010-10-02 12:29:58
Sorry, that should be growing, not growning.... :)
2010-10-02 12:28:27
I've seen them around my area quite a few times, Connie. I've even tried to grow them myself, but to no avail. Where I have my plants in the front of my flat, that faces east and in summer that gets the morning sun for quite some time. I'm afraid that only gives a hard time to my plants and the aquilegia (or columbine as it is generally known as well as granny's bonnets) couldn't cope with it. I was naturally disappointed that this was the case. Still, I have many other plants that can take the heat pretty well. I'm wondering if you have these plants growing in Canada at all. I must do a check with that. I'm sure that you would have these plants growning in Canada.
2010-10-02 11:55:04
Unusual flowers PG...I've never seen them before.
2010-10-02 10:17:19