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Posted By:Mary

Old Comments:

2010-05-21 18:21:46
april showers bring may flowers :P
2009-11-30 23:12:19
I like the reflection
2009-10-07 01:18:06
Thankyou Connie. Not sure where this photo was taken. But it's still a very pretty place nonetheless. Nice that it reminds you of a street in Vancouver. I've never been there. Only to New Zealand, Tasmania and along the east coast of Australia.
2009-10-07 01:15:13
Thankyou fuzzy blue one. I think you are right about the gravestones on the left. They certainly look like they are.
2009-10-06 21:12:27
Lovely photo - reminds me of a street in Vancouver.
2009-10-06 16:33:32
Another beautiful pic - are those gravestones on the left?