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Posted By:farhad

Old Comments:

2009-04-23 06:52:18
Dear Pixdaus: Block unfair users like farhad from Pixdaus! farhad is only upvoting his pics cause they should be "popular". 25 votes for such a shit like this one is absolut absurd! And each day the votes are rising for this crap! Take farhad off the Top-List!
2009-04-22 04:44:55
20 votes??? Can you please stop voting for your own pix? Which normal Pixdaus-User should give a picture like this a positive vote??
2009-04-13 18:54:01
You are kidding, farhad! You vote it up again! Your life must be boring.
2009-04-13 16:41:21
That happened when you upvote EVERY of your own pictures: a pic like THIS get "popular" with 16 votes!?! 200 new "popular" pics at ONCE! You are a liar in the face of the lord!