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Posted By:Appaloosa Louie

Old Comments:

2010-02-22 00:26:46
They are magnificent animals. In American horse lore the Appaloosa is said to have originated among the Nez Perce, a Native American tribe from the north-western United States. Their range included an area of Washington and Idaho called the Palouse, from which the word Appaloosa may have been derived. Nez Perce is French, meaning 'pierced nose' and is pronounced Nay Per-say. These horses have inspired at least two Hollywood movies. The one called simply 'Appaloosa' starred Jeremy Irons and was a fairly routine western. But 'The Appaloosa' with Marlin Brando as the heroic gringo in serach of his stolen horse, and John Saxon as the Mexican bad guy, Chuy Medina, is a minor classic. Note: Appaloosa should not be confused with Opelousas, which is the name of a town in Southern Louisiana, and also a kind of fresh-water catfish.
2010-02-21 22:36:24
Truly a magnificent looking horse. The markings on it are beautiful !