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Old Comments:

2008-05-23 16:08:58
Well, it is simply obvious to anyone familiar with the standard approach to architectural solutions in Europe.
2008-05-22 23:02:34
Thanks for your comments. The photo was taken in Torremolinos (Málaga), in Spain. It's a block of flats and the owners use them as a second home to live there in holidays and weekends and also to rent them.
2008-05-22 22:12:57
How is that obvious? Is it because they are all similarly decorated and lack the garbage so often found in tenements? A strict policy and a good landlord can take care of that.
2008-05-22 16:57:12
Looks like Benidorm!
2008-05-22 15:12:34
These are obviously not "apartments" where people actually "live", i.e. live permanently. This is a resort hotel or something of that kind.
2008-05-22 12:02:36
Cubes, where people live 'within the box.'