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Old Comments:

2010-10-07 17:22:57
Thanks dingbat, for your comment. I regret however in one mistake in posting my previous comment. I made the comment with the same alias that I use to upload photos. You and I, and very few others do this. I should have learned my lesson with the same mistake in the past, but I guess I didn't. I uploaded six photos today, using the same alias name, and in the two hours since then they have all received substantial downvotes. This is not the first time that this has happened and I do realize that the downvotes were the result of my comments above and had no reflection on the photos themselves. I know that commenters are usually faulted for using secondary alias names for their comments, but obviously they have learned from past experiences that it is wise to do so. It is too bad that users on Pixdaus have to resort to using multiple alias names.
2010-10-07 17:06:38
Well said, happy jack. white eagle must have gone already because your comment has not been downvoted yet. :D
2010-10-07 15:40:10
Kooki85, iff you had never seen the photo before, that was essentially your fault, because it was available on Pixdaus for you to see. Reposting does happen, it is inevitable, but it should not be done on purpose or without concern as White Eagle relates above. And, anybody that reposts frequently, and is aware of that fact, should be taking steps to eliminate the problem. White Eagle reposted one of my uploads that was less than 3 days old. And this happened just a short time ago. I have assumed that this was strictly an accident, however if White Eagle has been looking at the recent posts it would not have happened. There was no harm done, but is that the point? As for poppy, Connie or others pointing out reposts when they happen, I think that is a useful service for them to be providing and would not fault them for it.
2010-10-06 22:00:54
Look around, tired user, and you'll see it's quite the opposite: the only comments that have NOT been downvoted are yours, white eagle's and kooki85'. Connie’s, dingbat's and my comments are downvoted. Tired you may be, but not tired enough to go to bed instead of coming here and writing rubbish. Go run a marathon, or something...
2010-10-06 09:32:34
I like this pic and I'd never seen it before, so I'm glad it was posted again.
2010-10-05 19:01:59
white eagle flies with repost airways. we should do the same: it's fast, easy, and rewarding. if they have free bubbly onboard, i'm prepared to try it. :D
2010-10-05 11:12:38
tired user - It's not a matter of remembering pics uploaded before. All we have to do is do a search under the photographer's name or caption. In this case, if White Eagle, had done a search under the photographer's name, he/she would have seen that the photo had been posted before....a matter of about 6 seconds. You're making a assumption that it is only Poppy and I that care about reposts.
2010-10-05 09:57:42
Connie: you and poppy are the only ones who care about re-post or duplicates! Who remebered pics uploaded 4 weeks ago?? Who cares?? And your "many folks" are especially poppy and/or patito who downvote with -4 and upvote with +4 (as you can see right now at patito's "Cotten Eye Joe" pics and his "White Chicken"-Troll pictures!!)
2010-10-05 09:31:10
Characteristic of poppy/patito: downvote of uncomfortable comments with -4 (own comments with +4 of course) and downvote of pics. Nothing has changed.
2010-10-05 09:00:09
Just detected: 90% of my pictures get a downvote of minus 4 and respectively minus 8 votes in the last 12 hours!! What happened and why?
2010-10-05 08:55:13
I did not delete your pictures, or should I say 'my' pictures. One requisite of being a poster here is to look at all the newly posted pics.
2010-10-05 08:42:19
I don't "shopping at Pixdaus"!! I posted what I like and what I found ON OTHER PAGES! Sorry if they were uploaded before. But I don't care! BTW: All of my 3 pictures where you wrote your comments were deleted today! Coincidence? Poppy: Stop deleting my pictures, please. Even if they are evil "duplicates"! Thank you very much.
2010-10-05 08:20:28
White Eagle: About 40% of the pics you have posted are duplicates. Stop shopping at Pixdaus, please.