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Old Comments:

2010-07-31 17:42:40
Connie, recently all of my uploaded photos have been getting quite a few - votes. I have obviously "ticked" somebody off, but I am not sure just how. It is quite apparent that these minus votes are because of my name as the uploader and not because of the photos themselves.
2010-07-31 16:51:03
Oh my! I got minus votes for my comment re liking your iceberg photos. Did you perchance tick someone off on Pixdaus? I could happen without you even knowing about it :-)
2010-07-31 15:59:35
Thank you Connie, glad that you enjoyed them!
2010-07-30 16:42:08
Great photo - so is the other one!
2010-07-30 16:27:03
This is a promotional photograph supplied by Quark Expeditions to the Antarctic.