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Old Comments:

2010-09-25 19:45:42
I'm sorry about that kamry and I am sure you are right. However, I did do a Pixdaus search before posting in order to prevent a possible repost. I searched under three tags with nothing turning up, this included iceburg, antarctic and one other tag (that I am not certain of). Sorry once again.
2010-09-25 18:43:39
Same people same iceberg. Posted at least four times before by eibar and bazza and july and ZoGekDeze. Enough is enough!
2010-09-24 23:19:03
Hurrah for glacial ice!!
2010-09-24 20:11:16
Glacial ice is compressed more than conventional ice and therefor both heavier and denser. It is also composed of larger individual crystals. When light penetrates ice or snow it generally only goes a very short distance before being reflected back, and it is reflected back as white light. When light penetrates the larger crystals of glacial ice it will go deeper before being reflected back and some of the 'red' light is absorbed and not reflected. This causes the reflected light to appear blue in color. The iceburg in this photo has had the ordinary surface ice partially washed away leaving glacial ice exposed on the surface in the rivulet pattern. This in turn results in the blue/white striped look that you see.