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Posted By:EB

Old Comments:

2010-11-29 19:51:15
2008-08-09 12:04:02
its called SEX SELLS!! but itsa pity when women just become objects...
2008-08-09 12:03:28
maybe he sodomizes his dog all night and take out his guilt during the day on pretty women that his small dick cant have.
2008-07-08 19:53:57
Why do the photos of beautiful women get so much attention?
2008-04-29 22:36:00
what a voluptuous fuck-bunny, YUM!
2008-04-12 00:39:47
GWBushIsGod is astonishgly retarded, i think he is being sodomized by his dad and he needs to take his rage out somehow. seriously that is my theory.
2008-02-29 22:04:18
Fugly. BOO-YEAH!!!!
2008-02-29 19:16:39
That is an ugly bitch.