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Posted By:jchip

Old Comments:

2008-03-15 01:30:34
great picture, she is beautiful was is and always will
2008-03-14 03:05:01
Urgh! Ugleeee :(
2008-03-13 20:47:31
I'm fairly certain they're not silicone...I've seen pics of her as a child where her lips still look like that
2008-03-13 18:56:53
best dsl's in the world
2008-03-13 07:59:20
yeah this is an older picture.. but damn she's absolutely beautiful here... le sigh
2008-03-13 07:44:10
15 years ago?
2008-03-13 07:01:20
Yes, those silicone lips ruins everything as usual... *sigh*
2008-03-13 05:29:30
A beautiful close-up shot, with good skin colours. And those lips? Yes, smackable!
2008-03-13 04:26:07
these lips....... *sigh*
2008-03-13 04:25:35
these lips....... *sigh*