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Old Comments:

2008-11-23 13:03:06
Look at that EROTIC bulge on the mannequin.
2008-11-23 12:27:22
I've had the same problem with pictures too. I wish there was a way to pin them down and get them to cut it out!
2008-11-23 00:40:10
Must be the same person who don't want other pics get popular! But you are right! Your last two pics has a -1 vote! I vote positive for them, cause I think they are always funny! "Don't let the troll get you!" ;o)
2008-11-23 00:35:36
Everytime I upload some pics, they will be IMMEDIATELY voted down! Even tries the (same) person to keep my uploads at zero votes! But when they reach the popular level (after a few days), they still get good votes. So, perhaps my pics aren't so bad as this person tries to make them! What is so important to keep my pics down???