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2009-05-08 06:10:02
I really should have read your post more thoroughly. I was in a bit of a haze this A.M. Apologies all around for jumping the shark. :-)
2009-05-08 06:07:59
“Beats” being a relative term of the amount of red ink, of course. Oddly, the New York Times and the AP neglected to mention this rather notable occurance, but BizzyBlog did the work that American journalists apparently won’t — research. For the first time in 80 years, Ford outsold GM, bringing in a topline number of $24.8 billion in sales, against the bailed-out automaker’s $22.4 billion. Both companies had severe reductions in global sales over 2008’s Q1 figures, with Ford losing almost $15 billion in revenue — and GM over $20 billion. Link:
2009-05-07 22:30:18
GM has gotten 10+ Billion in taxpayer money. Is now asking for more taxpayer money. And you know we'll never see a dime of that paid back. And now that Barry has his team running the show they can declare bankruptcy so the unions will get paid in full and the stockholders [which is mostly made up of average folks retirement programs] will get left out as well and, as I mentioned above, the taxpayer. Now if Ford needs to declare BK and restructure the company they can without catering to Team Obama and his minions. All without further burdening the taxpayer. And Chrysler, Barry already said that he doesn't expect to see any of the loans being repaid. Remember, once you except money from the Govt. they own your behind. And they'll sic Barney Frank and Waxman on you if you step out of line. Look what they did tried to do to the Chrysler creditors. Luckily their attorney Lauria got the word out and garnered some media sympathy and force Team Barry to retreat a bit. I can't wait to see The UAW try to build cars and give itself payoffs all at the same time. They and GM will come back the DC with their hands out for the rest of their existence. Well there's the bell gotta go. Type to you later.
2009-05-07 19:43:51
Good ol' Ford..lost over 14 billion $'s in '08, but only lost 1.4 billion $'s in the first quarter of this year, so it looks as if it will be able to make it on its own without help from the government.....Have you driven a Ford lately ?
2009-05-07 11:33:46
I hate to say it. But that just about sums it up. good one