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Old Comments:

2009-11-12 21:27:07
You're a great sleuth, Gabrielle!
2009-11-12 19:37:35
This photo should have more votes. It speaks...tells a story...encourages dialogue....makes us laugh.....
2009-11-12 16:46:20
Eureka! This pic is by Roz Batten an Australian photographer living in Sydney. It won first prize in the dpchallenge. For more info and lots more of Roz Batten's excellent pics visit the dpc site - some great stuff there.
2009-11-09 17:02:13
Though you do not know where this was taken, surely you know where you found it? That could be a help. Who is Roz? The very clever person who set it all up?
2009-11-06 13:41:16
I'm still curious about the origin. Someone has gone to a great deal of trouble to set this picture up so well. The pencils shown seem to be Derwents, I wonder if this was part of a promotion. Anybody out there know?
2009-11-03 09:02:06
Ooops, that was in reply to Connie´s comment (my laugh for the day)
2009-11-03 09:01:27
+ 1 :P
2009-11-03 09:01:07
No, I´m sorry Gabrielle, the location is unknown :-(
2009-11-02 13:05:36
Is it from an ad for Aquarelle pencils?
2009-10-31 14:09:01
Do they give autographs? My little ballet dancing, neophite painter Phoebe (Foxie/Chihuaha) would treasure such a thing.
2009-10-31 02:34:35
My laugh for the day
2009-10-31 01:19:18
No, but I can hum in hot weather ...
2009-10-30 21:15:31
Sorry..not Australian...that's a Louisiana Art Dog, or, as they're more commonly called in New Orleans, Chien Artiste....they can , if properly trained, not only draw, paint and play the piano, but also converse knowledgeably about art, music, literature and poetry well enough to hold their own at the dinner table. But don't think you're going to pick one up at the pound for cheap....these pups are pricey.... they can easily run into five figures, depending on the level of training and degree of Uncle Maurice, from Beaux Bridge, had one that could play all the Mozart sonatas from memory and recite the complete works of John Keats...but Uncle Maurice traded him for a Catahoula cow dog because he refused to tree possoms..
2009-10-30 18:02:29
Back again - any idea of the source? The trees in the background look very like Australian Gum trees.
2009-10-30 17:16:04
Just looove this!
2009-10-30 13:19:55
Sounds good to me ;-)
2009-10-30 12:19:13
I can howl symphonically, does that work for you? ;)
2009-10-30 12:03:32
So, you can talk...but can you sing?