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Old Comments:

2009-08-10 02:28:58
The flowers are Foxglove not hollyhocks.
2009-06-27 00:33:52
"uf" according to Merriam Webster on line audible pronunciation... I wondered about that myself. ;)
2009-06-26 23:29:15
Any idea how that lady's name is pronounced? In English that 'ough' could be an 'ow' sound as in plough, an 'uf' sound as in enough, or an 'oh' sound and in dough....our English pronuciation is notoriously erratic.....that's why the word 'ghoti' can be pronounced 'fish'...
2009-06-26 20:40:37
No...she's your find...keep posting ;-)
2009-06-26 14:37:28
Sure, you can help me out if you wish. She's at perseverando's photostream
2009-06-26 13:40:31
lovely hollyhocks. Keep posting her photos; she's great!