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2010-07-03 14:32:19
You have no sense of humour! I have no idea what your dogs' names are. But, I remembered that you have two dogs, so I don't consume B.C. Bud...well, not much. You're easy to rile heehee
2010-07-03 14:28:30
Connie's concept of what my dog is like is analagous to her concept of what I am like. Also, although I do have another dog who is 90-something years old in dog years, I do not now, nor have I ever, nor have I ever claimed to have had a dog named Paul Revere How much of that BC bud do you smoke every day, Connie? Maybe you oughta consider cuttin' back a little bit.
2010-07-03 11:34:44
He's adorable! But, you have two dawgs... remember? The other one is named Paul Revere...remember? Your brain still addled?