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Old Comments:

2009-02-15 10:00:46's obvious that she is either inspired by miniatures or uses them as models..doll houses too from the looks of some of her's good to see these kinds of things here, but as you said, they are usually down-voted into oblivion pretty quickly..same with Mikel Glass's work, some of which you've also there's a strange bird..combines a very high level of technical virtuosity with a really goofy, sometimes dark sensibility...thanks for posting...keep it up..
2009-02-15 09:27:55
Hello Mr. Patito - You seem to appreciate artwork. thank you for your commentary. I don't see why t-o thinks this painting doesn't even "qualify as crafts" -This is a well composed painting with a fine choice of palette. But he may be more perceptive than you think. He mentions the model train set in his cousin's basement. Miss Bennett states that she painted much of her work from miniature scenes she created. To see more of her work go to (I also think that fine craftsmanship can be the equal of art.) I will post more artwork soon even though it does not remain up for long.
2009-02-15 08:36:21
An anthopologist was visiting some tribesmen on a Pacific Island once, and asked them about their art. "Art?" they said,"what's that?" The anthropologist explained that the word means things that are very well done and especially beautiful and the tribesmen reportedly then answered,"Oh, we don't have any art. We do everything as well and as beautifully as we can." I was trying to remain civil in my remarks to's pretty clear that he or she has no idea that Amy Bennett's works are paintings, not models or dioramas.
2009-02-15 06:46:57
As with any creation of man or nature, the appreciation of it is in the eye of the beholder. What is art to one is rubbish to another. To me, art can be anything concrete or visual that intrigues me, talks to me, delights me, mystifies me, jolts me, electrifies me, challenges me... the list is endless. Art can be machinery, tools, paintings, wood carvings, sculpture, Charles Rennie Mackintosh high-back chair, Calder mobiles, my mother's hand-knitted socks, grandma's lace doilies, graffiti, pebbles on a beach, a dress by Valentino, autumn leaves stuck on a window... again, the list is endless. Just because I do not appreciate something that some other person considers art does not make me right and the other person wrong: we just see things differently; we are all conditioned by our family, country of origin, education, interests and so on. A wee bit more tolerance toward fellow human beings' likes and dislikes would make for a better world and all of us a tad happier.
2009-02-15 05:47:55
Everything that is art is not equal..there's great art, monumental art, popular art, mediocre art, amateur art, primitive art, and even bad art, schlock art, kitsch art, cornball art and calendar art..there's little old lady painting plaster in the church rec center art....the term art is enormously inclusive...and in fact it's not inconceivable that a model train set could be art, depending on the level of attention and the intent of its creator...and in this particular instance unless you've seen the entire series from which this was taken you don't know what you're talking about..
2009-02-15 05:36:57
If so, then the model trainset in my cousin's basement must be right up there with Michelangelo's David. On his model, he even crafted figures of people and dogs in addition to houses, trees, cars and whatever you see here.
2009-02-15 05:31:52
This is one shot from a series that, taken as a whole, had enough mystery, content and un-resolved tension to qualify as art...too bad you didn't get to see the whole series..and there aren't many challenges greater than that of coming up with a definition of art that will fit everything that is art..history has repeatedly made fools of professional art critics and members of the lay public alike ..
2009-02-15 04:59:09
This doesn't classify as art. It barely does classify as 'crafts'.
2009-02-14 06:07:49
Huh ? I don't see a problem and I've been driving and parking for over fifty years. Besides, that remark reminds me of the time some lady commenmted on a work by ( I believe ) Henri Matisse "surely that woman's arm is far too long?" the lady said. "Madam," Matisse replied, "That is not a woman. That is a painting."
2009-02-14 05:57:31
Right of the yellow house: In reality no one would park the cars there like that, first car can, but second would have to go all the way from the street backwards