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Old Comments:

2009-04-19 02:44:34
2009-04-18 20:55:40
According the the New Webster's International Dictionary of Standard Idiomatic English, the first definition of 'Dork' is: "a person who farts in the bathtub, then bites the bubbles." The second definition is "a person who posts one single picture on a photo web site, then makes an asshole out of himself by complaining about the other photographs, and especially one who complains about black borders."
2009-04-18 15:33:17
Dick is a dork....whatever dork means. I'm too old to know those words, or it must be an American expression...but it sounds good ;-)
2009-04-18 14:35:23
Dick, I just looked at the one and only picture you have posted: you did not even notice that is has a huge watermark running through the middle of it. I'd take the black borders, anyday, over that.
2009-04-18 14:30:28
You can REITERATE anything you want, dick, but you are one helluva rude person. Who do you think you are? We posters do not work for you. We are here for the love of good photographs, and we spend long hours searching for them... you should try it, it's not as easy as you may think.
2009-04-18 08:50:57
The guy has posted ONE photo.
2009-04-18 08:26:06
It's just Dick being himself. A DICK!
2009-04-18 07:43:35
The title was a mistake.
2009-04-18 04:39:30
I must be dumb!...I really do not understand what this stupid pic has to do with Amsteram, I mean it's not a tulip!...and why ANYBODY would be stupid enough to give this a + vote is entirely beyond me. I log onto pixdaus to see attractive, pleasing pictures, landscapes, birds, sunsets, GOOD stuff!/ But THIS nonsense? No fucking way!!! And again, i must reiterate that I have voted down many what would have been very good pics, if they didn't have these STUPID HUGE BLACK BOARDERS tacked onto them!!