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Old Comments:

2010-09-23 16:49:31
This comment is a WIN!
2010-09-20 01:08:36
SUOMI on paras!
2010-09-19 06:14:21
I have just woke up, and since this is Saturday, I can check out the web right away. When I went to bed last night, this photo was down to a rating of 0. Apparently it, the other two photos by EuropeanCartographer and the one by myself, all received a quick +20 boost during the night (my night anyway) and I have no idea how or why this occurred. Since that time the rating on the post has slowly climbed.
2010-09-19 05:09:21
Je comprend la phrase - je suis bilingue, mais pourquoi dire ├ža?
2010-09-19 05:06:44
TrueEuropean - You are in no position to accuse EuropeanCitizen of being rude and crude, when you rudely and ignorantly referred to Americans as 'ugly'.
2010-09-18 21:39:07
European Citizen is, in actual fact, the same troll who posts as Chupacabra, Larry Sheldon, and several other troll names.
2010-09-18 21:14:12
You are rude and crude EuropeanCitizen and I doubt if you are European at all. In fact you seem much more like an ugly American.
2010-09-18 18:44:52
Want a hug? Or is your mommy around?
2010-09-18 18:41:07
Thanks for that information EuropeanCitizen,you were rather blunt with your comment, but I can take a hint and I won't bother you with anymore posts. I have better ways to spend my life. Up until your comment, my posts had been receiving what I thought were rather favourable comments and apparently not receiving downvotes at all. At the present rate of decline this photo and the other two will be -13 and out very shortly, but I won't wait around for it.
2010-09-18 18:18:28
In Europe people wake up now in the morning and see that your pictures are rubbish.
2010-09-18 18:14:18
I have no idea what has happened to the votes on this, I uploaded 3 photos today and all seemed to be doing very good until about 20 minutes ago. The votes on this photo have gone from +18 +7 in that short of time. And the other two uploads have dropped just as quickly in the same time period. Apparently these posts are not liked, but I have no reason why, could somebody clue me in?
2010-09-18 18:13:46
Poppyland is THE BEST!
2010-09-18 15:13:30
Ne peut pas gagner une guerre.
2010-09-18 14:59:53
Very funny!! What do you mean "can't win a war"?