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Old Comments:

2009-11-12 07:33:46
what were we fighting for---we will never know-----------my cousin just died from agent orange and it took him slowly. he flew a helecopter to pick up our wounded----it makes no sense to me---why were we even there? they didn't want us there--just a bunch of rich polititions! the leader of countries should lead our boys into battle like the indians did---bet we'd have less wars. the draft--they had no choice then--old enough to die but not old enough to vote. damned if they went-damned if they didn't
2008-08-02 16:16:16
Wow. An ignorant F.U.C.K. that doesn't understand sarcasm... I'm so surprised.
2008-08-01 22:18:06
"if we hadn't fought them Viet Cong they'd have come over here and took over the country"??? The United States LOST that fucking war!!!!!! So where are your evil vietnameses?? Bullshit! USA lost the war, start to live with it!!
2008-08-01 22:10:06
Yessir, Steve...if we hadn't fought them Viet Cong they'd have come over here and took over the country..woulda made us eat them nasty ol' noodles three times a day..made us all ride bicycles and wear them funny lookin' cone-shaped straw hats..thank God our boys whooped them Viet Congs and taught 'em not to mess with us..
2008-08-01 20:45:55
its a case of whatever we did then is wrong now - I sometimes wonder what these self righteous know it all !@$% woulda said to their kids when living under communism had we not done what we did --> yeah bring it ..l.
2008-08-01 10:31:20
I suspect none would have been spared. The people who were killed after we left, we the same ones that were fighting against the Communist takeover in Vietnam and the dictorial horrors in Cambodia. Please look beyond the slogans
2008-07-31 22:23:34
you obviously don't read many comments here kevin, patito usually has LOTS of perspective! sometimes a bit too much, but anyway...
2008-07-31 13:03:13
Gee, pathetico, "you're a goddamn pluperfect fool" passes in your little mind as discourse? Explaining and putting all into perspective for you simply isn't worth the trouble. Killing bad guys is more productive.
2008-07-31 12:53:56
On the other hand if you never went in there in the first place, how many millions would have been spared ?
2008-07-31 10:31:40
Patio - you are dead on. I was there and got to see it first hand. We, as soldiers, were given a task, and then because of the political pressures and misguided demonstrations, and total misunderstanding of the nature of the mission, we were forced to leave. Many of my friends died because of the mood of the nation. In essence, in vain. After we pulled out, 2.5 million people in Southeast Asia were killed because we lacked the resolve to finish what had been started. You don't often hear this statistic, only how bad the war was and how the political tempo of our nation got us out too soon. You see I don't have the typical view of Vietnam. We could have won had we chosen to, but as always, the young fight the war, while the civilians debate it.
2008-07-31 01:44:20
LOL "pluperfect"
2008-07-30 18:45:22
I hope you're joking about that, Kevin. We lost over 57,000 young guys in Viet Nam, average age between 19 and 20 years old. That doesn't count the tens of thousands crippled physically and/or emotionally. And for what ? No one has ever really given a satisfactory answer to that question. But we all know why it happened: because politicians couldn't bring themselves to admit they'd made a mistake. Like I said, Kevin, I assume your comment was made in jest. If not, you're a goddamn pluperfect fool.
2008-07-30 17:19:08
A great little war. Plenty of practice and development of the art. Too bad I didn't turn 18 until 1973. Many of my older friends make me jealous with their stories.
2008-07-29 23:18:10
BlyzK, you sound ridiculous, as if war and the traumas of war are something new, or something "American", or that "governments" are an entity that should be "responsible" for soldiers it sends into war. i couldn't resist, you just sound so vapid.
2008-07-29 23:12:38
Its hard to get any government to take responsibility for these war victims. Even the ones that weren't physically injured can be victims. What's more, we have already seen this beginning to occur from the more recent conflicts, as if doing it once just wasn't enough for them.
2008-07-29 06:09:08
We must not shut up about it because those guys continue to suffer from their experience in that unpopular & meaningless conflict. They have rates of substance abuse & depression & PTSD far higher than others of the same age. Besides, we must learn from them in order to take care of the next wave from Bushs' folly.
2008-07-29 04:06:27
If you weren't there, or lost no friends or loved ones there, YOU need to just shut up about it !
2008-07-29 02:47:44
Vietbloodynam ... can't you guys just shut up about it?