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Old Comments:

2010-05-31 15:40:20
You are very welcome, UnitedNations and thankyou for your kind words. If you have 'Tineye', then this will help to identify photos for you and also to see if they are or have been posted on Pixdaus. And yes, you are right. This is a wasp and definitely not a fly... PS.. Many thanks to ademir laurindo de m for letting us know in the first place about 'Tineye'....
2010-05-31 15:22:54
Nice work PictureGirl in finding the original photo. The species is Vespula germanica. Most of the world does not distinguish between wasps and yellowjackets and this species is usually referred to as the 'German Wasp'. However in North America, the US and Canada, a distinction is made between wasps and yellowjackets and species in the genus Vespula are classified as distinct from wasps and are known as yellowjackets, thus this species is known as the 'German Yellowjacket'. However, whether a wasp or a yellowjacket, it is a hymenopteran and not a fly.
2010-05-31 14:35:19
This is the original photo of the insect, which is a wasp....
2010-05-31 14:05:23
You are absolutely right, Patito. It is obviously a hymentopteran. I just thought that 'American Fly', rhymes with 'American Pie', would make a better caption than 'American Hymenopteran'.
2010-05-31 13:40:54
Nice paint job, UN, but I believe that thing is not a fly ( diptera) but a bee or wasp ( hymenoptera). Maybe one of our resident entomologists will be able to say for sure.