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Posted By:Mary79

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2009-10-17 10:27:34
Apparently, in the USA they call them buckeyes: Aesculus californica is California buckeye, Aesculus glabra is Ohio Buckeye and Aesculus arguta is Texas buckeye. In the UK, we called them horse chestnuts or conkers; I had them in my garden. These are not the same as chestnuts of the genus Castanea which are the ones you eat...
2009-10-17 10:14:27
I'm usual. I know that Wikipedia says that Poppy, but I've never heard these nuts referred to as buckeyes. There are however buckeye peas. We, in North America, refer to these nuts as chestnuts. There is even a Christmas song referring to them; they are roasted and sold on our streets. Right now, my neighbourhood has squirrels gathering them for the some areas, the grounds are full of them. Perhaps Patito can shed some light on this from an American point of view.
2009-10-17 09:55:43
Buckeye and chestnut belong to the same genus, Aesculus. The Eurasian species of Aesculus are known as horse chestnuts while the North American species are called buckeyes.
2009-10-17 03:11:14
This is not a chestnut. This is a buckeye, very commonly found in Ohio and Indiana.