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Old Comments:

2008-04-08 23:32:31
God,man you`re sick...You can`t be the greatest nation on the earth if you have history no longer than 200 years...
2008-03-18 03:47:20
reagardless, i still find it offensive (im from the EU)
2008-03-16 12:26:12
How can you say something like that? Ever since 9-11 America has never been the same. Two summers ago I was interrogated at a US Customs office at the Canada/US border when I wanted to cross. No My opinion about America is different.
2008-03-16 06:04:49
This was not from the depression. this was from around 1940. they are displaced victims of a flood.
2008-03-16 05:58:01
You can say that again..
2008-03-16 05:33:11
Yeah we had a hard time in the depression, but it happens. We are still the greatest nation on earth. It's not the Government that makes this country amazing, it's the people with the greatest "CAN DO" attitude ever.
2008-03-15 10:01:16
Like the John Mellancamp song... "Ain't that America something to see babe. Ain't that America...
2008-03-14 14:57:13
Photo during the depression!
2008-03-14 14:56:41
Photo during the depression!
2008-03-14 14:56:28
Photo during the depression!