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Old Comments:

2009-08-08 13:12:41
...or Texans!
2009-08-05 12:21:50
There are over three hundred million Americans today...among them are Lance Armstrong, who has won the Tour de France seven times, astronauts who alone of all living humans have walked on the surface of the moon, and several thousand brave young men and women who are trying to keep Afghanistan from falling into the hands of some of the most murderous religious fanatics on the planet...making sweeping generalizations about large groups is pretty risky, whether it's Americans, Frenchmen, Irishmen, Catholics, Jews, Iranians or anyone else...
2009-08-05 11:54:36
The group on the left are Butch Cassidy and his Hole-in-the-Wall gang, a band of murderers, thieves and bank robbers. The guys on the right are decidedly chubbier, but odds are none of them has ever pistol-whipped a bank clerk or stolen anyone's life savings. A decided improvement.