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Old Comments:

2011-03-12 11:54:11
Well said. Coy is a real gentleman and has a lot of friends here. Giving him any grief at all about anything would be a good way to alienate just about the entire Pixdaus community.
2011-03-12 11:43:07
Here's one of Coy's latest posts. Whether or not it qualifies as wallpaper is perhaps debatable, but what is an obvious and unarguable fact is that he has provided a full description, including identifying the flowers, complete details of the location, and the source where he found the photo. He also provided enough information in the tags that one might have a reasonable chance of finding the photo in a search. Those trying to use Coy's posting habits to justify their own laziness, slovenliness, sloth and poor manners are barking up the wrong tree.